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Christina Haskett
Christina Haskett, I-ACT Certified CHT


Christina Haskett, Certified by the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT), has been serving Chatham County and beyond since 2011. She is a practitioner in the Chatham Co. area who offers the FDA cleared, Detolo colon hydrotherapy system. Experience the spa-like, soothing and healing atmosphere of Aqua Colon Hydrotherapy.

Christina,  is a former EMS Paramedic, with extensive medical training has been incorporating alternative and holistic healing modalities in her own life and those of her family for over 20 years and continues to educate herself through personal experience and continuing education. Her interest in becoming a colon hydrotherapist evolved after personally experiencing colon hydrotherapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Christina's own personal journey shapes and expands her practice in a way that reflects her experience and deep respect for each individual’s process. She has helped many clients over the years regain more efficiency in hydrating, activating and eliminating, which some report, creates a greater sense of inner awareness. Christina brings to her work an open heart and gentle humor which creates a safe space for the client to relax, experience and explore their inner process.

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